Who Makes Our Clothes:

At the House of Eunice, we have two in house Slow Fashion labels – these are the people who make our clothes….

Noor – Eco block prints

  • The company we work with have a Purpose-built printing unit with good natural light and air circulation and lots of space.
  • They wash all fabric in plant enzymes before printing instead of using bleach.
  • They recycle 80% of its water using a digester that harnesses plant enzyme technology to remove toxins and return the water to a reusable state.
  • They have a purpose built oven to cook the fabric after printing to fix the dyes into the fabric to make it machine washable and as an alternative to using an acid bath.
  • All dyes are ISO free or natural dyes like indigo.
  • Wages are some of the highest for block printers in this whole region. 

Our stitching Unit for Noor:

Simon Marks is our talented atelier who does our pattern making and grading of the sizes also oversees our production at a socially accountable (fair trade) stitching unit based in Jaipur. 

Conscious Kantha

We work with a village outside of Jaipur, where our fabrics are all Kantha stitch embroidered by a community of women who are able to work from their homes to earn additional incomes for their families.

We work with a socially accountable (fair trade) stitching unit is based in Jaipur where our Master G – Sharukh does all our pattern making and grading of sizes.

Other Sourcing

Our occasional wear is made in a socially accountable factory in delhi by Tannu and her father and mother who started the family owned business.