• Plus Sizes for Curvy women

    31 Mar , 2020
    Enjoy plus sized clothing for the more curvaceous woman.


  • The Indigo Blues.

    24 Mar , 2019
    If you love Indigo - this is the process of how it creates that amazing blue...


  • Yabba Dabu Doo!

    22 Nov , 2018

    One of my favourite forms of Hand Block printing is Dabu. This is the ancient art of using Mud as a resist to 'block out' or 'resist' the dye when printing. wooden blocks (usually teak wood) are carved into your design which are then dipped into a bowl of the prepared mud and then placed gently onto the fabric and given a light thump to imprint the design. The beauty...


  • Cuddles With An Elephant

    31 Oct , 2018

    When travelling to Rajasthan in India, one the must do travel experiences is to go for a ride on an elephant. The small elephant village outside of Jaipur near to the Amber fort in Amer, is where you can meet some of the most affectionate and well-loved elephants you could want to meet.The dusty road that leads to the elephants takes you off track where the road opens up in...