The House of Eunice started life on a market stall in the city of London but found its home eight years later the at Gabriel’s Wharf on the South Bank. Its founder, Rachel Eunice Joseph had developed an eye for beautiful fabrics through her many trips across the globe. 

Initially sourcing her beautiful cashmere shawls from Kashmir, she ventured further into the interior of India in search of Hand-crafted fabrics. In so doing, she discovered some of the uglier aspects of the rag trade and made the decision to source ethically manufactured textiles. She now is working with many different communities who weave, embroider, and wood block print fabrics for her clothing and accessories. By working directly with handicraft communities, the middleman is cut out and monies go directly to the artisans ensuring no one is exploited. See Artisan communities.

The House of Eunice is a slow fashion brand who’s aim is to source beautifully hand-crafted fabrics and transform them into contemporary clothing tailored in classic shapes with a quirky bohemian vibe.

We favour natural fibres and organic cottons where possible.

Each individual garment carries its own provenance, often with details about the community who made the fabric, the techniques used and the tailors who stitched the garment. In this way we hope that value will be attached to each individual textile and garment in our collection and that it will become a treasure as it becomes part of your wardrobe.